Wonder Wheelers

Rio Brands have been making quality beach gear for 30+ years and the Wonder Wheelers are an example of top-of-the-line affordable beach carts. The Wonder Wheeler Deluxe features room for 4-6 chairs, a beach umbrella holder, cooler shelf, extra-large mesh bag for beach toys, towels and other beach gear and a removable tote bag suitable for gathering smaller items. The tote bag measures 17X15X7 and is ideal for shopping, farmers markets or beach gathering. It has 6 inside organizing pockets for keeping smaller items close at hand. The real value of the Wonder Wheeler Deluxe and Wonder Wheeler Deluxe Wide is the versatility of using this for shopping, sporting events, beach trips, camping or anywhere you need to carry your gear. The wide wheels on the Wonder Wheeler Deluxe Wide are ideal for maneuvering softer ground and sandy areas.